Classic Elegance in Bridgehampton


7" Character Grade European White Oak floor installed,
sanded and finished with 2 coats Waterlox Satin Tung Oil.  


This project was initially a Prefinished floor installation and a refinishing of the stairs and handrails to match the floors.  We did not select the product -- it was very dark and not what we would have recommended for this house.  Unfortunately for the owner, the prefinished floors that we installed suffered significant damage during the rest of the construction, so we were called in to refinish them just before the house hit the market.  The owner was really happy with how the floors came out after we sanded and finished them.  In our opinion, the natural White Oak Tung Oil floors really brightened the house without losing the rich look a house like this calls for.

Nissequogue Beauty


3 1/4" Red Oak sanded and finished with a custom grey blend stain and 3 coats Bona Traffic HD semi-gloss water based polyurethane.


The challenge with these Red Oak floors was taking them from a dark Jacobean stain to a light grey without bleaching the wood.  It is often difficult to go from dark to light because stain that is down in the spaces in between boards is difficult to sand out completely. In this case, thankfully there wasn't a ton of stain used on the old floors, and we were able to get them sanded totally clean. The clients were thrilled with our work -- their house is so much brighter and more contemporary!

Sag Harbor Charm


2 1/4" Red Oak sanded and finished with Dark Walnut stain and 3 coats Bona Traffic Satin polyurethane


This project involved a new extension on an existing home with 2 1/4" Select Red Oak floors, so we installed the same in the new extension, and then refinished the whole house.  We advised a darker stain so that the new wood would be indistinguishable from the old, and the home looks beautiful with the dark floors and light walls!  These pictures were actually taken a full year after we finished this project.  One can see why we recommend this product so highly -- it holds up extremely well and looks terrific!

Montauk Cool




The challenge in this project was for the unfinished flooring that we supplied and installed to match the prefinished flooring (which we also installed) that was selected by the client.  The prefinished floors are finished with a hardwax oil, but that was not in the plans for the bedrooms, so we blended several colors together to create a "gray wash" look.  We love how it all came together.  Perfect choice for a fabulous beach house!

A Historic Lattingtown Estate


4" Select Grade White Oak supplied, installed, and finished with Dark Walnut stain and 3 coats Waterlox Satin Tung Oil


This 100+ year old home underwent a complete gut renovation.  The difficult part of this job was leveling the subfloor of a very un-level old home!  This was a huge job done on a time crunch, and that always makes things seem hectic as well. We were thrilled with how the project came out and so are our clients...the floors look gorgeous and so does the house!

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Historic Amagansett


Wide plank Character Grade White Oak installed in repeating 5"-7"-9" pattern, sanded and finished with 3 coats Bona Traffic HD Satin water based polyurethane


This job also presented us with an old house with its own challenges!  The beams switched direction, the floor was not level, and we were able to remedy all of that.  We also constructed a custom curved bullnose for the upstairs hallway so that the homeowner could keep the original 150-year old Pine steps!  We love how this renovation kept the historic feel of the old home, and we feel that the floors pay a huge part in this!  That original authenticity is complemented by top of the line modern fixtures and design...a true modern farmhouse!